Dillsburg Youth Baseball (DYB) offers supervised instructional baseball to children ages 4 to 18 years of age. In addition to our spring ball program, DYB provides opportunities for clinics, summer all- star tournaments, and fall ball.


Logan Park Rules and Regulations
All recreation areas in Logan Park shall be subject to the following rules and regulations:

  1. Park is closed from dusk to dawn and there shall be no trespassing, including trespassing by motor vehicle or campers overnight, on park property during said hours, excepting by Logan Park Authority for approved activities.

  2. There shall be no littering.

  3. Negligent or deliberate destruction or removal of natural or physical property is prohibited.

  4. Outdoor recreation activity shall be restricted to locations appropriate for such activities.

  5. Open fires or hot coals shall not be permitted except in fireplaces or grills. Fires shall not be left unattended and shall be thoroughly extinguished before they are abandoned.

  6. Solicitation of any kind is prohibited.

  7. No one shall possess, use or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

  8. Use or possession of explosives, fireworks, air guns, bows, slingshots, or any similar item is prohibited, unless specifically approved in advance and in writing to Logan Park Authority. This shall not be deemed to apply to police officers or other authorized personnel. Any person found with a prohibited item without the specific, express, written authorization from Logan Park Authority will be in violation of the park rules and regulations and subject to any penalties specified herein. Any person found to be in possession of a prohibited item shall possess and produce their written Logan Park Authority authorization to carry such item upon demand.

  9. Discharge of firearms by personnel other than law enforcement officers is prohibited.

  10. Injuring or killing wild or domestic animals is prohibited.

  11. There shall be no immoral or indecent conduct in any park area.

  12. No events shall be permitted without advance, written approval of the Logan Park Authority. No events shall be scheduled without the approval of the Logan Park Authority.

  13. Logan Park or portions of Logan Park may be closed at any time and for any duration by the Logan Park Authority if weather conditions warrant said closure, or if hazardous conditions exists that may endanger life, health, safety, or property. In said event, there shall be no trespassing on the closed portions of park property during said times.

  14. Dogs and other domestic animals shall be kept on a leash and any waste therefrom shall be removed from park property or otherwise properly disposed of in a trash receptacle.

  15. Motor vehicles shall be parked only in designated parking areas, not on the paved recreation path within the park. Motor vehicles shall be driven only on the access drives and designated parking areas, not on the paved recreation path within the park. Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to interfere with the normal operation and maintenance of Logan Park.


  1. Parking lot use is limited to those individuals currently using the park facilities. The use of the parking lot as a ‘park and ride’ or for carpooling, or for overnight parking is strictly prohibited.

  2. All vehicles present at the park shall be registered, and inspected for use on public streets. Motorized vehicles such as All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and dirt bikes are prohibited from all areas of the park.

  3. All hoofed animals are prohibited on park property.

  4. No kicking or throwing of balls, stones, or other items against any building or vehicle. is allowed.

  5. Golfing or practicing of golf is prohibited, except in designated areas.

  6. Children under 10 years old shall be accompanied by a responsible person at all times.

  7. Use of tobacco products including smoking is prohibited.

  8. Children are not permitted to play on piles of stones, dirt, or other materials on the driveways

    or other locations within Logan Park.

  9. All trash must be placed in appropriate designated containers and must be routinely emptied by designated organizations.

  10. Coaches and Managers shall notify all players, players' parents, and guests of these rules and regulations. Coaches and Managers are obligated to notify the "visiting" team coaches, managers, players, players' parents and guests. A copy of these guidelines shall be available for each teams' use in team equipment sheds.

  11. Sport Organizations using the park will provide proof of insurance listing Logan Park Authority as additionally insured and will provide schedules for the current season to the Logan Park Authority at the beginning of each season.

A violation of any provision of this Ordinance shall result in a fine of not less than Twenty-five ($25.00) Dollars, nor more than One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars plus court costs.
When initially proceeding, police officers may specify the minimum fine for the appropriate violation, unless extenuating circumstances exist.